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Please be advised that the Cook County Department of Corrections (CCDOC) has instituted a new visitation policy. All family members and friends wishing to visit an inmate MUST complete and submit a Visitor Application to the CCDOC.  Visitor Applications may be obtained and submitted at the following locations:

The application MUST be filled out completely and it is strongly encouraged to submit applications using the Sheriff’s website option.  Minors under the age of 17 years old do not need to fill out an application; however they must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who has been approved according to the new visitation policy at the time of the visit. Also, if the minor is high school age, a current school ID must be presented.

Once the application is received, a background check will be conducted to determine if the applicant will be approved for visiting privileges. Applicants may call the Visitor Information Center at 773.674.5225 to inquire about the status of their application.  Please allow three (3) business days after submitting an application to inquire about the status.

Applicants will be denied visiting privileges based on the following criteria: 

  1. The applicant provided inaccurate information on the Visitor Application.
  2. The applicant is under the age of 17 and without a parent or legal guardian. 
  3. The applicant is:
    • On parole/probation for less than one (1) year since serving a
      sentence in jail or prison.
    • On house arrest.
    • On bond awaiting a court date.

  4. The applicant was discharged from CCDOC or any county jail within the last 60 days.
  5. The applicant has an outstanding warrant.
  6. The applicant has a protective order placed on the inmate they are requesting to visit.
  7. The inmate has a protective order placed on the individual requesting visitation.
  8. Any safety or security reasons as determined by a CCSO supervisor.

Visitors are required to follow Cook County Department of Corrections visitor rules and regulations at ALL times while on facility grounds.  Failure to do so may result in the termination or denial of future visits.


To apply for visitation, search for the inmate that you wish to visit below.  If you wish to visit more than one inmate, you must submit an application for each inmate.   All applicants will be subject to a background check. 

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Although every effort is made to keep the information accurate and current, it cannot be guaranteed. Users are cautioned that the information is based upon name check only and documentation the DOC received. By using this search tool, you acknowledge that you understand that it is solely your responsibility to verify any information you may obtain herein before relying on said information for any type of legal action.